You are a Thinker

Super Powers:

Intelligence, curiosity, investigative skills.

When working, you look to load your skill set. Your top priority is learning as much as you can — you don’t care as much about getting promoted as you do about getting a chance to push yourself and become an expert. But of course, if that gets you a promotion or 15 minutes of celebrity, you say, “Bring it!”

Known For:

Solving problems, tinkering, diving deep.

You’re curious about the world around you and what makes it tick. You love to explore new places; learn new things; and discover apps, restaurants, music, and tech nobody else knows about. You’re drawn to other people who are enthusiastic about their interests — you like a friend who can geek out every now and then about the same things you love.

Danger Zone:

Perfectionism and approval-seeking tendencies. Your friends think you’re one of the smartest people they know. Start believing it.

Learning about money doesn’t intimidate you, but making big decisions does. Be confident in your own knowledge, or ask someone you trust for a gut check before you make a down payment or a large investment.