You are a Risk-Taker

Super Powers:

Drive, courage, charisma.

You’re ambitious; you know what you want and you go after it. You love adventure, and you can usually persuade a few friends to join you on whatever adventure you’ve set for yourself. You’re drawn to other people who have clear goals and are willing to work hard to achieve them.

Known For:

Communication, your ability to converse with anyone, your big goals, your ability to get your own way.

You prefer to set your own schedule and be your own boss. If you aren’t doing it today, you can see yourself freelancing or starting your own business. If you can’t achieve the things you want within an organization, you’re going to find somewhere you can.

Danger Zone:

Too much action, not enough listening. You have people who will help you do amazing things. Give them the floor sometimes.

Failure in your life isn’t something you can imagine, but if you experience it, you’re going to learn a lot. That’s true with failures with money, too. Even better than learning from your own failure, though, find ways to learn from other people’s mistakes and use that to your advantage when it comes to your big financial decisions.