MiamiCity Guide

Welcome to Miami, or, bienvenido a Miami! While this beachfront vacation destination attracts many visitors, the city is home to a culturally diverse local population. Constant development and a favorable buyers’ market make Miami an ideal spot for settling down — though, with the city’s fast-paced and vibrant entertainment scene, even “settling down” will be lively in Miami.

Local Perspectives

Get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live in Miami, as told by locals.

Local Perspectives

archetype Salva Sanchis

Regional Sales Manager for North America at Dedienne Aerospace and Real Estate Agent for BZG International

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City guide: Moving to Miami - Salva SanchisTime spent in Miami

I was born in Spain, but I grew up in Miami. I then went to college in Alabama and when I graduated I came back to Miami.

Why Miami?

I felt that the opportunity was here to expand in any business sector, especially real estate and aviation. It’s an international market that is still developing. In addition to the job offer I received, I chose Miami due to its booming real estate market. In the real estate world, networking is such a big deal; in places like New York, for example, a lot of the market share is already taken up, whereas in Miami, there’s an opportunity for young people like myself to have a stake. I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity to reach my goal of investing in real estate and, one day, own a building of my own. I also wanted to be close to my family, and I felt like Miami culture was more ‘me.’

Best neighborhoods, IMO

I live in Coral Gables and I love it — the peaceful and charming atmosphere, tree-lined boulevards, fountains, and winding roads. It’s a contrast from the Brickell neighborhood where most people in their twenties and thirties live. I’d describe Brickell as a young, small mini-Manhattan right next to Downtown, where everyone’s hustling and working and partying at night. I also like Doral; it’s a nice area that’s growing a lot residentially.

What is the housing market like?

The market right now is a buyer’s market — there are a lot of options for renting and buying. Prices are high, but not New York high, and currently everyone is building and everyone is selling, so prices are going to go down a lot. There are opportunities for starter homes in Doral and South Miami — little townhouses as well as single-family homes.

City guide: Moving to Miami

The small and charming Espanola Way is a pedestrian-friendly street with shops and restaurants.


Surprises about Miami

How much Spanish you speak in Miami. When you go to the supermarket, restaurants, almost everywhere, you’ll hear people speak English and Spanish. Even restaurant menus will be in Spanish as well. There are so many different cultures, especially from Latin America and South America.

The dating scene

The dating scene is amazing. There’s a melting pot here in Miami of beautiful people with all different types of cultures, and there’s a lot of opportunity for dating. You have everything. It’s Miami!

You’re not a local if…

You don’t have a cafecito Cubano in the morning. It’s a really different coffee that they make here, and it’s like a shot of energy. 90% of people here will have it to wake them up in the mornings.

Local Perspectives

archetype Philipp and Alexandra Klumpp

Brother and sister, and founders of Beyond South Beach publication and marketing agency

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City guide: Moving to Miami - Philipp and Alexandra KlumppTime spent in Miami

Philipp – We grew up in Miami, but I went to college in New York and lived there for five years, and then lived and worked in Los Angeles before moving back.

Why Miami?

Philipp – I went to LA for my first job and it just didn’t work out, and I got a better position with a Miami company. I stayed here because I felt that Miami is a city that has a lot of opportunity. There’s not a lot of old school money that dictates where everything goes.
Alex –I’ve always found that in Miami you’re not a little fish in a big pond. It’s a relatively young city. Career-wise, if you know the city and you love it, there are a lot of opportunities.

Best neighborhoods, IMO

Philipp – Coconut Grove, Downtown, Brickell, Midtown, Little Havana, Little Haiti — those are the best areas to move to right now. The lifestyle there is one of the most unique of all the United States, and you’ll get more bang for your buck. And one of the more up-and-coming areas that hasn’t been defined yet is the Upper East Side of Miami.
Alex – Yes, UES — it’s where you see all those ‘50s hotels.
Philipp – They’re being renovated to keep that ‘50s look. Now people can come and enjoy them like they did before.
Alex – I also love Downtown, walking through and seeing all the old and historic buildings. It’s a great urban feel. The city still has a lot of cleaning up to do, but there are a lot of new bars and restaurants in that area.

City guide: Moving to Miami - Ocean Drive

Miami’s Ocean Drive is filled with Art Deco charm.


You’re not a local if…

Philipp – You hang out on Ocean Drive. Or do heavy clubbing — actual locals are sick of that after a certain age.

After work to-do list

Alex – My friends and I go to Wood Tavern in Wynwood a lot. There are always lots of people playing Jenga outside, eating free tacos. That’s a great happy hour spot. When it’s after work and you just want to hang out, Wynwood has such a good vibe. And Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company is a true locals’ spot that is changing up the scene in Westchester. Pawn Broker, a rooftop bar downtown, has a very young, professional after-work crowd. The drinks are good; you have small bites and can watch the sunset.

Favorite day trip

Philipp – Going to the Keys! The start of the Florida Keys are only 45 minutes away, and Key West is only a three-and-a-half-hour drive. Take a boat ride, snorkel — it’s great.

Text by Emily Yates