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Low cost of living and high quality of life has young professionals flocking to Denver. Colorado’s mile-high capital city at the base of the Rocky Mountains has been racking up the “Top City” accolades in recent years, including scoring U.S. News’ No. 1 Best Place to Live in 2016. [1]

Local Perspectives

Get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live in Denver, as told by locals.

Local Perspectives

archetype Melissa Putur

Business Operations Analyst, DISH

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City Guide: Moving to Denver - Melissa Putur - 150x150Time spent in Denver

One and a half years.

Why Denver

I grew up in New Hampshire and have always felt that New England was where I would ultimately settle down. However, I felt if I moved to the Boston area right after graduation I would never leave or get a chance to live in a different area of the country. I was attracted to Denver because of the fact that it has all the offerings of a major city — restaurants, professional sports teams — while being much more affordable than cities on the west and east coasts. I was also attracted to the proximity of the mountains, since I grew up hiking and skiing.

Best neighborhoods, IMO

I live in Baker, but often go to other parts of town depending on the activity. LoHi if I’m going out to dinner or want to go to a more upscale place; RiNo for going out on the weekends or hanging out with friends at casual spots.

Getting around

Denver does have a light rail system, although I know few people who use it regularly. The rail lines are not very extensive and tickets are on the more expensive side. On the weekends, most people opt for a ridesharing service —if you are splitting a ride with a friend, the price is almost equivalent to taking the light rail. During the week almost everyone drives to work. While people do complain about the traffic, it is still quicker and less expensive to drive your own car.

City Guide: Moving to Denver - Denver airport

Denver’s distinctive airport is designed to evoke the look of both snow-capped mountains and Native American teepees which used to stretch across the Great Plains.

Surprises about Denver

How many transplants are here! It feels like almost no one who lives in Denver actually grew up in Colorado. 

Dating scene

Denver is filled with people who moved to Colorado from out of state after graduating college, which makes it fairly easy to meet new people. It’s also really easy to find a date spot for every personality and occasion.

Favorite day trips

Most day trips from Denver are spent in the mountains. Vail, Breckenridge, Winter Park, and a handful of other ski mountains are all less than two hours from the city. Another popular destination is Boulder. Boulder is great for shorter hikes, shopping, and restaurants in a smaller city setting. 

You’re not a local if…

… you don’t own a pair of hiking boots.

Local Perspectives

archetype Tyler Frient

National Director of Business Development at Rabine Paving America and Owner/Founder of Frient Construction Company

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City Guide: Moving to Denver - Tyler Frient - 150x150Time spent in Denver

A little over two years now.

Why Denver

I chose Denver because of the rapidly growing economy and the wealth of outdoor activities that come along with living in the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

Best neighborhoods, IMO

Denver has changed quite a bit over the past decade, improving many of the neighborhoods surrounding the city. In my opinion, there are a few neighborhoods that stand out, all for distinct reasons.

For instance, the Highlands, northwest of downtown, is a great community for young professionals looking for hip restaurants with great views of the city. Congress Park, southeast of downtown, offers a more family-oriented feel, with parks and family establishments scattered throughout. Finally, Cherry Creek offers a neighborhood for more established individuals and families who are ready to take that next step and put down roots. Cherry Creek also offers an outdoor and indoor shopping area with eateries and high-end shops.

Job scene

Denver has one of the fastest growing economies and boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Sectors of growth I know about include commercial real estate, construction, and technology; however, there are many other industries that show signs of development, as well.

City Guide: Moving to Denver - Union Station

More than a train station, Union Station boats restaurants and shops as well.

Surprises about Denver

I spent a great deal of time in Denver growing up, so I wouldn’t say anything outright surprised me, but the unpredictability of the weather is strange. For instance, for two weeks straight in late March of this year we saw consistent weather in the upper 70s, which had most people calling for an early end to winter. But then there was a week of snowstorms and low temperatures in early April.

You’re not a local if…

… you don’t escape to the mountains on the weekends and take advantage of all that they have to offer.

Text by Emily Yates